Top Samsung smartphones

Samsung is without question as an attractive and successful smartphone manufacturers. Meanwhile, the South Korean technology group could even lead to the global technology market usurp: in particular smartphones and tablet computers , which make two most sought after technical highlights of the current Mobile Trends profit division of a large global players from the Far East!

Strengths and weaknesses

Samsung S4

Since April 2013, the fourth is from the flagship Galaxy series represented at the European technology sector, and again seems to all competitors in the shade. Samsung official sales figures were sometimes not yet known, but according to the latest information to S4 have already surpassed only record pre-orders for the S3. It is no wonder; the S4 offers the whole, even the best and most feature-rich smartphone package, which the local mobile sector has to offer! The plastic casing feels, smells and looks that is simply out of plastic with modern aluminium production.

Galaxy S4 – the top luxury class

The 4.8-inch screen dissolves at a rate of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels as sharp as any other CURRENT model and provides thanks to its Super AMOLED Plus technology particularly intense colour and powerful images.
The inner values, consisting of a quad-core processor (4 x 1, 9 GHz), 2 GB of RAM and a particularly thick lengthy battery (2,600 mAh), also supply not only on paper but also after the first detailed smartphone tests, absolute peak values. In addition, an optional 16, 32 or even 64 GB of internal memory which can be upgraded on request even via micro SD card.

Camera S4

The camera of the S4 in addition to its high-end resolution of 13 megapixels as offer some highlights:
The camera allows the recording of 360 degree photographs automatically hide unwanted parts of the image by combining multiple images taken from different angles over a longer period. If the digital camera used in the evening light, but quite a few can cause image blur.A particularly clever touch sensor technology now allows even the operation of the screen, without having to touch this! The front camera that is also registered movements, which take place just before the screen, and interpreted this as a navigation work.